How To Increase Demand

Audio Engineering Gigs

The Freelancers Dilemma I have a giant list of my clients contact info stored in a Google spreadsheet. This list is gold. But gold isn’t worth shit unless someone is willing to buy it. Also, my golden client list does jack squat and makes me zero dollars unless I ‘remind’ those clients that I exist […]

3 Words To Help You Earn More, How To Turn No’s Into Yes

    “The longer you hang in there, the greater the chance that something will happen in your favor. No matter how hard it seems, the longer you persist, the more likely your success” -Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series (sold over 500 million copies) If I could teach you one learnable […]

Clients Love It When You Do These 5 Things: How To Get Paid More

Audio Engineering Jobs

As an audio engineer, it’s in your control to help your clients look good. If you want more audio engineer jobs then your #1 priority is getting new clients and keeping them happy. You’d be surprised how many times I hear my new clients complain about how unreliable other engineers and studios they’ve worked with […]

GIVEAWAY: Gain Total Control of Your Money

My friend Nathan Lively over at Sound Design Live is giving away this amazing software program YNAB You Need A Budget ($60 value) designed to help you control your expenses, track your finances, and ultimately earn more. Keeping a solid budget and financial plan is important for freelance audio engineers. Contest ends January 29th! …..tick tock […]

How Selling Your Audio Service, Guilt Free, Can Be Fruitful

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It’s not what you say, It’s what they hear. I get it. You want enough status that clients seek you out instead of the other way around. You want to work only on the stuff you like. Maybe you’re not interested in making a lot of money, but interested in working on creative projects and […]

Robots Took Our Jerrrrrrbs

Robots and Audio Engineering Jobs

    The Machines Are Taking Overrrrrr….   Automation, robots, and high tech software are advancing the progression of humans and how we get shit done.  Like Tesla’s INSANELY AMAZZZING robot factory where they make their stylish electric cars. Or Landr’s cloud based software that could replace audio engineers. WAIT……WHAT? Landr created an online service claiming that their software automates […]

3 Step No B.S. Guide To Marketing Your Music

How To Market Your Music

Guest Post By: William Tait From: I have a friend who markets his music by literally posting a song 5 times in a row with a “Please listen to this, you’ll like it :)” It kinda creeps me out to be honest, especially with that weird smiley face. Not only that, but it’s lazy. […]