How Sucking At Networking Burns a Hole in Your Pocket: 6 Tactics For Success

Audio Engineering Jobs

Networking doesn’t have to be a pain in tha arse. In fact, when done right, it’s the perfect way to meet new clients and professional contacts. But most rookie audio engineers spend their time networking without ever getting the results they want. The techniques and scripts in this post will show you how to approach […]

How Selling Your Audio Service, Guilt Free, Can Be Fruitful

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It’s not what you say, It’s what they hear. I get it. You want enough status that clients seek you out instead of the other way around. You want to work only on the stuff you like. Maybe you’re not interested in making a lot of money, but interested in working on creative projects and […]

Robots Took Our Jerrrrrrbs

Robots and Audio Engineering Jobs

    The Machines Are Taking Overrrrrr….   Automation, robots, and high tech software are advancing the progression of humans and how we get shit done.  Like Tesla’s INSANELY AMAZZZING robot factory where they make their stylish electric cars. Or Landr’s cloud based software that could replace audio engineers. WAIT……WHAT? Landr created an online service claiming that their software automates […]

3 Step No B.S. Guide To Marketing Your Music

How To Market Your Music

Guest Post By: William Tait From: I have a friend who markets his music by literally posting a song 5 times in a row with a “Please listen to this, you’ll like it :)” It kinda creeps me out to be honest, especially with that weird smiley face. Not only that, but it’s lazy. […]

Get your Foot in the Door, Travel the World, and Get Paid. How To Get Live Sound Jobs: Interview with Jeff Wuerth

How to get live sound jobs

Working on the road can be an amazing experience in the Live Sound world. You get to see new things and places all over the world, learn new stuff, meet interesting people, and all while getting paid. And in my experience on the road, I saved boat loads of money up that I used for […]

Get Audio Engineering Jobs Sent To You

Get Audio Engineering Jobs Sent To You

The Automated System that Works Hard For You Behind The Scenes People think finding audio engineering jobs is hard. The truth of the matter is, it is hard, if you don’t know what you’re doing. I always hear people complain and say things like: “Don’t go to to audio school, it’s a worthless degree.” “It doesn’t pay well.” “I’m giving […]

The Hassle Free Way To Get Clients In Your Door (and not be annoying)

Find audio engineering jobs you're passionate about.

I’m writing this post for you at a wine bar. It’s 12:30 in the afternoon. This is one of the great benefits of being a freelance audio engineer! Freedom to do what I want, work from anywhere, and make my own work schedule. I have clients later tonight recording with me so hopefully I won’t […]

Turn Your Free Work Into Paying Clients

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Herrrrrow my friends :), First of all I’d like to thank the SAI subscribers that took the time to comment on my Reddit Post from the last email. You are amazing! So far it has something like 70 plus comments on what audio engineers aspire for in their career. They say things like: “I want music to be the […]

How to Take an Intelligent Career Risk (That Can Get 10x Results)

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Taking risks in your career as an audio engineer is an important piece of winning the game. In my experience, taking career risks has usually paid off big. Sometimes it doesn’t pay off. But when it does, it makes the risk worth it. My first career risk involved me moving to a city (Los Angeles) […]